The automatic boiler is an innovative product, made with high quality components according to the most modern production techniques comply with European legislation 303 -5 for easy connection to central heating systems. The boiler is provided with a burner for pellet able to perform the ignition and the automatic self-cleaning and therefore may run also with pellet of low quality. The automatic cleaning of the ducts exchange provides an excellent exchange and a high and consistent level of effciency in the boiler. The digital control unit, allows to carry out the control of the level of pellet in the tank. The tank is provided as a standard. The boiler is delivered in pre-assembled parts for easy transport and fjnal assembly only in the technical room of the house. The boiler is equipped with all accessories to ensure safety. The control panel, the electric resistance, the resetting thermostat for safety shutdown, the fan, the grid for cleaning, the cleaning mechanism of the tube bundle and the cochlea are standard.

Aria Pulita


Automatik 12


Automatik 18


Automatik 24 36 48



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