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Aria Pulita

The use of wood pellets as a heat source with time was extended gaining new applications. From the air oven as a single element used for additions to the heating one or two rooms of the house, the market demand is gradually moving towards systems that can integrate with pre-existing domestic electrical installation. So the choice of wood pellet boiler is dictated by two major sets of factors. Mainly the pellet boiler is able to replace or support the traditional boiler without requiring any modifcation to the existing plumbing. The other factor is the possibility for pellet fred boiler to integrate perfectly with other energy sources (eg. Solar thermal system for domestic hot water production) maximizing the yield and getting a big cost savings (up to 60% savings heating costs). Will be suffcient for a temperature control change and adapt the control logic and regulate the production of heat, even coming from different energy sources, in relation to the characteristics of the building and habits of the end user.


Carico Pneumatico Pellet

Automatic pneumatic system of pellet feed, pipe (standard 20m) and external Remotable hopper with a capacity of 1800 liters (1130 kg) of fuel. 3 different external tanks of 450 Kg / 790 Kg / 1130 Kg.


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