Caldaia Compatta

The Foco pellet boiler can be easily placed in a technical room or a service space such as under a stairs or in a storeroom, given its truly compact size. Just like traditional boilers, the display is simple and intuitive for all the automatic functioning phases in relation to the temperatures required. It has programmable electronics that can even be remotely set for timed daily or weekly switch-on and switch-off. The Foco pellet boiler was designed to ensure maximum autonomy and maximum functioning efficiency with a pellet tank up to 130 litres that guarantees up to 59 working hours.

Aria Pulita

Designed to ensure a perfect cleaning of the grate both during ignition and during normal operation of the boiler, ensuring the primary and secondary air passage necessary for combustion, the mechanism ensures a perfect cleaning of the grate at startup of the boiler, thus ensuring great power. The self-cleaning system works with established periodic cycles. The moving grate cleans the burn pot bottom without turning off the boiler, thus avoiding new borrowings; in this way the user will have to periodically clean the combustion chamber and will not need to manually clean the brazier before new borrowings, as is the case for standard boilers with braziers.

Braciere autopulente


Carico Pneumatico Pellet

Automatic pneumatic system of pellet feed, pipe (standard 20m) and external Remotable hopper with a capacity of 1800 liters (1130 kg) of fuel. 3 different external tanks of 450 Kg / 790 Kg / 1130 Kg.


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