Futura is not only a name but it represent reality too. The clean and linear design of this new range of stoves, completed by the presence of a double door, is made even more innovative by the superior ventilation and the absence of a real display. FUTURA stoves, in fact, are programmed and managed by a touch remote-control which can reach a distance of 60 meters. The possibility of installing Futura stoves with a vertical smoke pipe makes them versatile and suitable for even small spaces, without affecting the large capacity of the pellet tank. Finally Futura stoves are eco-friendly and comply with the Ecodesign 2022 regulation.

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Model 7 e 7C

Heating surface (M3)180 / 200 Mc
Dimensions (LxPxH)470x277x880 mm

Model 9 e 9C

Heating surface (M3)220 / 240 Mc
Dimensions (LxPxH)475x490x940 mm

Model 11 e 11C

Heating surface (M3)270 / 290 Mc
Dimensions (LxPxH)475x490x1000 mm