Tepor was established in 1981 as a commercial company for the direct sale of the air cleaners, air conditioners and dehumidifier. At the beginning of the 2000 Tepor becomes an important industry. The heating, the pellet stoves, the thermosolar, the integrated systems and the renewable energies are the test bed for the today and future challenges.

Innovative companies often take something that history has handed down to them and develop it in a completely new way. Our company starts from the most entirely Venetian wood-burning stove tradition but develops it in keeping with the most modern productive techniques: laser cutting combined with jack rafter cutting, the series bending of the metallic components, the robotised wlding. A Tepor stove: the best, nothing less.

Design efficiency: an art

Designing a pellet stove should, as its main objective, guarantee efficiency and sustainability. Our designs must produce solutions capable of providing an innovative integration of the plant and energy aspects of the building with the architectural design choices. Our design skills reward us by achieving commendable heat efficiency but we are, in general, pleased to think that our heat system is able to interact with the most modern environmentally-friendly systems integrated with photovoltaic and solar panels. Thanks to their efficiency and effectiveness our stoves contribute to ensuring your home is classified in the energy class A band. The stove: not only is it the most economic heat source, it is also the source of energy requalification of your home.

Italian Design

Our product speaks Italian: the design, and the supply of the raw material are the fruit of the tradition, fantasy and inventiveness that is Italian through and through. We strongly believe that no other country in the world is capable of weaving creativity and fantasy into the most innovative quality technical solutions. In economic terms the effect is measured in jobs, both in terms of direct employment and in the local productive induction, in a product with distinctive characteristics in terms of design and quality, and in increasingly new business opportunities on a commercial level. As the customer chooses Italian, Tepor chooses the very best in its country.