In all markets and for each of its products AMG Spa provides an installation service and assistance at the hands of a subsidiary dedicated to it: Revo Srl.

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A call center responsive to the electronic number 0445.1929996 24-hour 24, including holidays allows you to “turn on” a ticket reported for each transaction whether the intervention:

  • installation
  • assistance
  • maintenance

This will alerted one of the 250 CAT, broken down by area of expertise, if we want to mention only the country, made up of professional technicians trained and constantly updated by Revo on any problem of the product.

Revo check each method of intervention in order to ensure the control and traceability of each part of the assistance made to the complete satisfaction of the customer.
A multilevel computerized inventory of more than 65,000 cubic meters, with more than 35,000 references ensure just in time deliveries of both products and components.